The Remedy

“We’re dying of thirst, the militant running from the water. Burning Alive, rushing blind into the fire, hearing safety’s call, fools siding with the liar.
Leaning on our own brittle bones,
Disintegrated flesh making choices all its own, habitual stories written back into motion, trinkets and memories invading holy places. Dead features moving uninspired faces, smoking fodder is what we have become.

Pain becomes a problem when you’re numb. We learned to lean upon our own brittle bones.

Were dying of thirst, masses running from the water. Burning Alive, corpses melting in the fire. Hearing safety’s call, pride sides us with the liar.
Leaning on our own brittle bones; these brittle bones that hold the power of the spirit, serving the Greatest, yet we do not care to fear Him, His son came and died, how many times will our ears need to hear It.
We’re sick and suffocating, ‘Oh, my God!’ we call out in the night. Oh the sweet, sweet scandal, the irony. We’re sick and suffocating while we’re breathing out the remedy.”


We are sick and suffocating while we’re breathing out the remedy. What an audacious idea. To think that a terminally ill person could have all the antidote they need running through their veins and proceeding from their lungs… this is our reality! We live in a world, in a body even, that has been wholly corrupted by sin, imperfect through and through. We serve a God who came to this world, in a body even, that was wholly uncorrupted by sin, perfect through and through. We relate with a God who knew in the deepest parts of Himself that when He began creating us, he was slaying His only Son. His hand was not stayed by that thought, my friends! He pressed on, as He began endlessly speaking every detail of each and every one of us into existence. Not just so that we could exist, but so that we could exist vibrantly and earnestly as we humbly accept our roles as Crown of His Creation.

All of creation was corrupted by sin at the fall, but only one shining, shattered piece remained redeemable; we did. Because we have been given free will, we are held responsible for any decisions we make. When first encountering this truth, most of us will feel the grip of inadequacy, doubt, and worthlessness creep in. After all, if its up to us to work out our salvation than we are up an eternal creek without a paddle. The reality is that we must make the decision for Christ, but we must not make it on our own! In fact, we cannot make it on our own! Paul tells us clearly that “no one can say, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ except by the Holy Spirit” (1Cor 12:3). So in those moments when we are surrounded by temptation and complacency, we call upon the Spirit of God which is never absent from us, and we join with Him in truth, speaking the name “Jesus Christ. The lover of my soul.”

That single name, Jesus Christ, holds the power to transmute the fabric of your reality. Know this friends, creation must respond when it encounters the Name by which it was brought into existence. So how do you see this power activated in your life? In your reality? JUST SPEAK IT into every situation that burdens you, every person that hassles you, every imperfection that nags at you. JUST SPEAK IT over every dream that teases you, over every word that shakes you, over every hopeless situation. JUST SPEAK IT then watch, as the name Jesus does the only thing it can do– restore and revitalize.

Friends, we are just sojourners on this earth, but we hold the power of eternity on our tongues. Every breath we breathe is brimming with eternal potential. In every situation, just remember, we are breathing out the remedy. 



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