Everyday Endearments

Soft kisses from the heavens that fall like flower petals down to my cheeks until whisked away by the wind of busyness or crowded thought. These are my everyday endearments. Moments that I am learning to rest in so as to enter the living room of intimacy and sit at the feet of Jesus. To look up into His loving eyes and have all the worries and cares of the world fade away. My head that was once full is now blissfully unaware of the sin of everydayness. The trap that is a mundane life not lived in expectancy. The dreams that fly away like balloons never to return or be fulfilled.

My question is… why are we so eager to throw ourselves into a busy life that tears us in several directions to a point where we can barely catch a breath? Some say it is their career, some say it is their investment in relationships, some may even label it as a specific calling in life. People get demanding and days get stressful. We reach the end of our limit or our capability and we need a reminder to set our eyes on the one thing that is necessary.

Often times I find myself having to take a step back for a moment to soak in how good my Jesus is. Sometimes it comes in a flash of a smile from a close friend, a heartfelt conversation way too late at night, or maybe even a simple drive with good tunes. I hold my everyday endearments close to my chest because they are like love notes from my Creator sent to me as gentle realignments to His throne. He will speak softly through a song or conversation. He will dance through a sunset or scenic view. He will always call me back to draw closer to Him.

I may be in a busy season of life myself but I have found a certain freedom in which I cannot help but invite others in to. So take my hand as I try to process these experiences in hopes that it stirs something within you to fight for the freedom offered through a radical grace. You see, it is possible to constantly be in the presence of the One who breathed life into existence. This is only because He made the decision to tear the veil that separated the holies from the ragged. By doing this He put on flesh, endured every affliction we think is too much to bear, and smiled with a profound love as we stripped Him of all humanity. Maybe that is why He had to be fully man and fully God because the ones that He was saving were to dehumanize Him to the point of being unrecognizable. All pride torn away as each strip of flesh was ripped with the lashes of our depravity. This is the love that calls my name in a continual pursuit of everything I have to offer. He just simply asks for a yes from me. After discovering the truth of the simple gospel why wouldn’t I say yes to the best plans and most wild adventures? Life is good when I get to be led by my Best Friend into the best opportunities.

The secret of complete freedom, my friends, is relationship. Which is cool because we were made to be relational beings. Community is a desire in the deepest recesses of our hearts. My everyday endearments have turned into a necessity for me. I have to speak to Jesus every day. I have to surrender emotions, situations, and feelings to Him every day. I need His love and grace every day. This simple fact will never change but rather I pray it increases into an urgency that rules my motives, intentions, and actions of every moment. For when I commune with my Jesus I know everything will be alright. I know that His promises will come into fulfillment. I expect a life of abundance because that is how good He is.

So, loves, choose freedom. Choose Him. Choose to be wrapped into your everyday endearments. Choose to look through His heavenly lens and see the world around as a result of a glorified breath. You are seen, you are known, and you are loved.



*The featured image captured an everyday endearment in the form of spending the morning with radical women of faith, drinking good coffee, and catching the sun’s rays on the beach. It will forever be a memory of when my soul felt inexpressible peace.*

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