The Heart of Worship (Part 3)

I am standing. I’m not quite sure where I am or even what time of day it is. My eyes open but all I can see is a dark grey haze surrounding me. It is thick and palpable. Like a blanket of mist filling the entirety of the atmosphere. I can’t even see my hands held right in front of my eyes. Unaware of what is directly around me, I am hesitant to move. My feet stay rooted to the ground like an ancient tree that cannot be moved. Fear settles into my mind and my heart. Panic bubbles up within me like boiling water refusing to settle. I feel as though I am about to collapse or explode or maybe both simultaneously. My drowning mind fights for fresh air. I look right. Nothing. Left. Nothing. The cloud alone is my company. I can feel it feeding me sickness. Fear. Stress. Darkness.

Something has to change. I cannot live in this place forever. I do the only thing I can think to do. I try to yell “HELP”, but silence seems to have gripped my throat. My breathing is shallow and laborious. I know it’s only a matter of time before I reach my final exhale. A sense of righteous urgency wells up deep within me. A voice rings clearly in my head. It declares, “Not today!”. The voice is strong and comforting, yet it sounds even like my own voice, just amplified and ingrained with power and authority. It speaks again, “Say my name”. The voice commands my obedience. It warms my body and frees my lungs. It fills me from my toes all the way up until finally . . . “JESUS!” The name escapes my mouth with a fierce rush of freedom. It cuts through the haze like an arrow released from an expert archer. The name leaves a path in its wake, fully clear. I now realize what I must do to clear the haze.

I turn in all directions shouting, “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” It’s as if beams of sunlight are exploding from my lips and erasing the surrounding mist. I begin to praise the name I am so faithfully clinging to for all hope and safety. “I love you, Lord! You are powerful and mighty! Your name is above all names! Praise Jesus! The Lord of all! Who was, who is, and who is to come! You are my light, Lord! You give me life, Lord! It’s your breath in my lungs, my sweet Jesus! You are my guide and my counsel! My comfort and my peace. My joy and my love. Praise be to your name, Jesus! Jesus! JESUS! JESUS!”

I open my eyes, which have been crammed tightly shut among such passionate worship. I blink frantically, hardly believing my eyes. The haze has lifted entirely; the sun is shining like never before. Colors dazzle me like never before. I breathe in a deep breath of the sweetest air I have ever tasted. Birds are singing. The wind is dancing playfully along the fingertips of the brightest green trees. I recognize a deep, filling peace and joy within me. Surely, this is the Kingdom of the Lord. Immediately, I fall to my knees and continue to praise the name of Jesus. My only wish is to stay in His dwelling place all the days of my life. Lord, let me stay here!

After some time of worship I look up and see a man before me. He is shining and bright. He exudes all love and joy and peace. I’m overwhelmed by His presence. He speaks like thunder, yet it is a soft whisper of love at the same time, “Do you realize what you have done?” His eyes were not filled with anger or frustration, but a kind curiosity. “You have just brought my Kingdom to Earth. You have made a place for my presence to dwell. You have removed the veil of lies and fear that the enemy has been working so hard to keep in this place. Your simple act of worship to me has actually changed the atmosphere which you now breathe. This area is now reclaimed land for the Kingdom of God thanks to your efforts today. Do not be afraid or confused. Only a heart of worship can reveal my Kingdom. Now, go and take what you have learned to the darkest places of the Earth. My name is all you need. Keep me close and be alert. I will never leave those who call upon my name. I am with you at all times. Bring ’em heaven!”



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