In the Garden

A whispering voice, gentle nudges, sensations and feelings… these are often indicators for my spirit to stop and pay close attention. My Creator is coming close and inviting me to press in because something is on His mind and I don’t intend to miss it.

Hearing the voice of the Lord is often talked about in our church circles and communities. We discuss the importance of staying in tune with the Holy Spirit, going to the Word to gain new perspective, and prayer as a key figure in our relationship with the Lord. Sometimes I’ll sit and think about the very fact that we are able to commune with God and talk with Him on an intimate level. His goodness far exceeds anything my little mind can comprehend but the luxury of our daily communication is something I hope never grows old to me.

But what of the difficulties that come with being surrounded by brokenness and still choosing to listen to a still, small voice? What about when we feel pressure coming from outward circumstances but are trying so hard to stand firm in our promises? When emotions waver and despite what the facts say on paper we feel that light within us fighting to emerge?

If you, my friend, were facing a decision with a life or death outcome would you press in and seek the counsel of the Father? Even if it didn’t make sense and the world was noisy but you knew what He said? If it really came down to it and people were looking to you for answers could you rest in the presence of the One who speaks and creation bows to listen?

I believe that our journey is a pruning and a crushing process. Despite our human protests to pain and growth it is quite a beautiful experience. We are met with situations in our path that bare their ugly teeth and disrupt our comfortability. It is then in our will to choose to trust the light within and forgo shrinking back in fear and contempt. Jesus spent His last moments before being betrayed praying for you and me. He sat on his knees in a garden and cried out to the Father about us. Jesus desired all of us to be joined together in the same unity that they enjoyed, for us to be filled with His glory, and for us to experience the same love the Father had for Him. Jesus wanted to make Him real for us now.

So when the brokenness gets loud around us we have an invitation to step in to our anointing. To experience the Divine Mystery in fullness. “Living within you is the Christ who floods you with the expectation of glory! This mystery of Christ, embedded within us, becomes a heavenly treasure chest of hope filled with the riches of glory for His people, and God wants everyone to know it!” (Colossians 1:27). Friends, sometimes we hurt. Sometimes we are facing a situation with such gravity that we wonder if we will make it. There is space to grieve and tenderness to heal. However, through it all we have an opportunity to lean in.

Take a step back, close your eyes, and let the light flood your surroundings.

Much love,


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