You Rise Above

Realizing that I have no control,
What a sharp diversion,
What a daunting crossroads,
Advancing knowing only one thing,
Never before have I  been struck like this,
Deserving nothing near you and yours,
You illuminate, what I see is unclear,
Help me latch upon your bow as you steer.

You meet my gaze as low as it hangs,
reach low, I implore you,
into the depths that deny you,
There is a heart here hungry for Truth.
For my lips, forming your name is far too bold,
yet you call me to know You,
my heart is hard and far too cold,
yet you burn through, weeping as you do,
furious love rides rivers down your face,
I have been called into the secret place.

Tireless you pursue, giving constant chase,
I run the race to gain my place,
but Jesus you ran to take my place.
This truth stirs my soul, yes, wave after wave,
You sit enthroned upon wave after wave,
Of our praise, our praise, your praise.

For my weary soul this distance is too great,
for your warrior soul, no distance too great.
This burden would crush my feeble bones,
you bear burdens, boulders to my stones.

Wearing nothing but naked love,
my burden split your brow, tore your flesh.
a disgrace God allowed, that I could be called a Son.

Eternally found.

As the weight of sin abated from my presence, our Father’s wrath invaded yours.
Pain unimaginable.
Desolation of the deepest kind.
Hope ripped from your hands.

But like a mighty Phoenix, your death was a dual happening.
Your body broke and your soul was smothered, yet your nature was too pure, too holy, too eternal to be snuffed out.
You remained.
You rose.
The very gates of hell crumbling at the rumor of your presence.
You walked unhindered, from the belly of death.
For what authority does death hold over the One who has consumed it and remained?


You rise above.
Only ever in Love.


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