The Saint’s Prayer

You are my friend. My companion. My favorite person.

I love laughing with you, talking with you, having relationship with you. When everything goes wrong you are right. When I don’t know how to face tomorrow you have already filled it with love. When I come to the end of myself I am only touching the beginning of who you are.

It is incomprehensible. It defies logic and reason. It goes beyond borders and surpasses judgments. It breaks barriers and speaks volumes. It bleeds for the ultimate price. It takes the hardest hits and absorbs the pain with ragged breath. It is the foundation for calling your children home.

You offer wisdom and guidance. You offer life in abundance. You offer bountiful joy and light. You offer your heart to your bride. You offer what is fullness to its greatest extent.

You are without competition. You are without hate. You are without fear and depravity. You are without sickness and disease. You are without darkness and the stench of death.

For what you have done and what you continue to do puts on display of who you really are. Like a brilliant rainbow stretching across the sky full of promises and faithfulness. Love in abundance. Arms stretched wide. Waiting for the reunion.

When I come to you limping from life’s blows and cannot form an audible word on my lips you wrap me up tight in complete knowing because your sovereignty reigns over circumstances.

My greatest desire is for all of my days to be consumed with you. Worshiping you. Celebrating you. Displaying you. Loving you. Seeing like you. Walking with you.

The prayers and praises of your saints sing a melody to you. They are like an incense that fills your heart. So hear this saint.

You are my everything. You are my Jesus.

Much love,


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