A Religious Spa

I have found myself stuck in the mud of religion lately. It is like a sludge that weighs me down and when the sunlight hits my skin it dries and cracks. Religion has this way of making you feel like you are going to go to a mud spa but healing doesn’t come with this treatment. Guilt and shame are sitting right there with you. My sweet Jesus tapped me on the shoulder the other day and spoke to me about the concept of freedom. I had to ponder what it meant for me individually, corporately, and relationally. I have been struggling with the place I am in right now because I feel as though my freedom has been stripped away from me. I slipped back into the place of religion because I began to beat myself up about how I wasn’t doing enough. I have this habit of wanting to build my resume for the Lord. A twisted mindset that if I can do enough I will earn my healing. It began to really eat me up because I couldn’t reach a state of rest in my mind. 

So what is the secret to freedom? I think it is hidden away in a field and in our joy we sell all of our things and buy the whole field. It is within the boundaries of our closest communities. It is within the trust in our relationships that we don’t have to cover something up but can reveal our hearts in genuine authenticity. I think freedom is the banner over our dinner tables filled with laughter and connection over stories. It is the ability to share our doubts with our closest companion and be met with love. It is a balm of healing over a bruised heart from the shackles that were placed from religion. It is the release of a deep root that took place over years of pain and suffering. 

One of my favorite parts of Jesus is the table turning side. The fact that He doesn’t just stand against injustice but boldly revolts against it. He is inviting, cleansing, loving, gentle, and strong all at the same time. So as I continue this conversation with Him regarding freedom I encourage you to do the same. Step in the light and reveal yourself fully. He wants everything about you. I promise you will be met by Love. 

Much love, 


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