The Invitation

“We as humans live a life of invitation. From the moment we were first created, to the day we die and on into eternity, the opportunity for invitation is always present.”

-A Ragged Soul-

We often look at life as a balance between victory and tragedy, good and evil. From the time we are children to our last years on earth we tirelessly work to move our lives from tragedy to victory. If by luck we experience moments of victory, we spend all of our efforts to hold onto those moments in time. If tragedy strikes we quickly do all that is necessary to distance ourselves from the aftermath that is to come. This perspective confines us to a life filled with exhaustion and misery. The real tragedy though is not the event itself or even the repercussions that follow, and the same can be said about victory. Remember, we live a life of invitation.

The real tragedy is our failure to accept the invitation that is readily available to us in all circumstances, and our true victory is when we recognize what has been placed before us and enter in. Life is a wild ride full of ups, downs, twists and turns. When life begins to throw all that it has at us we look for an explanation and seek to understand. We believe that if we can obtain the information behind the cause then we will find peace amidst the chaos. We will not settle for mystery, confusion, or the unknown, even if that cost us the truth. All of these efforts are being led by a desire for control. Fear begins to leak out by the way we react and respond. The invitation is still there, it always has been and always will be.

So where then does this invitation come from, and what is it’s significance? It comes from a person, and his name is Jesus. It is significant not only because it comes from Jesus, but that it is Jesus. No matter the circumstance or situation Jesus is there reaching out to you and inviting you into more of him. This is not a one time invitation as some tend to believe. This is a day by day moment by moment invitation that Jesus is always offering. Will you accept it?


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