Time Traveling Stories

One of my favorite times of the day is when my head hits my pillow at night and I feel as if the world is falling asleep beside me. It feels quiet and dark but there is a small buzzing inside as if to say we have finally given way to the day. That we will give tomorrow its opportunity when it comes but for now time is standing still. Sometimes my mind starts to fill up with what ifs and impossible scenarios but if I can take a deep breath and allow myself to empty a sweetness begins to form. Like a personal invitation sent from the heavens above into our safe space. A nudge to say how are you. 

The beautiful thing about drifting off to sleep is that we have finally put everything aside and are allowing ourselves space. Space to dream, to rest, and to be. We have hung up our thinking and have given way to the vulnerable state of sleep. I bet this is why we find it so fascinating to stare at sleeping babies. We understand that they do not yet know what goes on in the world around them. The most important thing for them at that moment is to be safely wrapped in your arms. 

Then in an instant our eyes are back open, the light is flooding through the window, and a new day has begun. Sometimes it is the day we have been waiting for or the day we have been dreading. Maybe it is both. The world has woken up with you and you begin to remember your daily activities. Just like that our mind is swept up into routines and normalcy. It craves the space and silence of rest but is also grateful for the ever developing life that has been created and stored in its depths. For what would a life be if it was only ever to sleep. To stay comfortable and secure in the confines of your four walls. To never take the leap and make the memories and to get so scared you are sure your heartbeat can be heard by everyone around you. What would a life be if you didn’t love outrageously, sacrifice deeply, and feel the pain of refining purity. All of which must be made outside of our comfortable state.  

One of my favorite times of the day is when my head hits my pillow at night but some of my favorite memories are when I forgo that moment a little longer to experience something deeper. To share an encounter that will be told many times to come. For what is a life without tangible stories that transport you to a time before. Time traveling stories for you and the ones around you to live in. So when you lay your head down on the pillow for the final time you can’t help but allow the smile to creep up on your face as the cinema of your life is played before you. For when we allow our Father to orchestrate those experiences we are met with an award winning film.

Much love,


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