An Abrupt Stop

In recent weeks my journey through life has come to an abrupt stop. It feels as if I am back to square one. There seems to be a great breath of fresh air that meets me at this new beginning. A beginning that appears to have no start or finish line. A space of simple satisfaction; being comfortably content.

As I look back to where I once was, I find myself searching for some magical X that marks the spot. I see years worth of effort spent building a life out of hay and straw, only to be burnt up, leaving nothing but ashes swept away by the wind. My perspective seems to have adjusted. What once was so clear is now almost unrecognizable. What I had been blind to all this time is starting to appear right before my eyes.

A life lived in the Love, Grace, and Mercy of God, brought to me by Jesus himself, and received by me through the powerful act of repentance. Repentance continues to awaken me to a greater revelation of the price that was paid on the cross. Repentance opens my ears to the one who loves me dearly. As I let myself listen, life appears to stop in place. The storms are silenced, the raging waters are calmed, and peace begins to fill the air. The deep ache within me is met with a warm embrace. The emptiness inside of me is now filled and overflowing.

This abrupt stop in my life has shaken me down to my core and left only what truly matters. A life lived in the Love, Grace and Mercy of God. I have no plans of moving on from this place anytime soon.

“I’ve given up all that I have, and I’m happier than I’ve ever been”

-A Ragged Soul-

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