The Presence that Transforms

Jesus changes everything. His presence is an all cleansing fire which, by its very nature, consumes and eradicates anything and everything that doesn’t conform to its will. He is a mighty river coursing through the canyons of our hearts, bringing fresh peace, and wild joy that froths at the surface. His voice is a mountain, rooted in the depths of his word, ever present and awesome to behold. He is the rider on the horse, a warrior whose eyes blaze with the fires of Freedom and Justice. Jesus is a wonderful gentleman, servant to all, friend to the lonely, lover of the unloved, and restorer to the broken.

When I invited the King of Kings to make his home in my spirit, mind, and body, I simultaneously surrendered my right to believe in hopeless situations. That decision constantly resurfaces to the rim of my consciousness, especially when I find myself retreating into the pit of emotionally driven thought processes, and even logic and reason. If a thought doesn’t produce hope, then why think it? If logic and reason lead me to a place of despair and bitterness, then they must be disciplined. They must be made to bow at the feet of Jesus or be gone all together.

Injustice, hate, fear, and evil cannot stand in the presence of Jesus. Today, we face a very real threat. There is a violent and aggressive enemy who seeks to kill, steal, and destroy us. As individuals, as communities, as cultures. I can only imagine the real enemy kicking up his feet and enjoying the view as we point our weapons at each other, rather than at him. And I love to imagine the face of the enemy when I show up at his door, fully kitted in the armor of God, brandishing the Sword of the Spirit and ready to attack. And even in that moment, my Jesus prepares a table for me to commune with him. For He is the victor, not I.

Victory doesn’t come as a result of pursuing victory. It comes a result of pursuing Jesus. True Love is only ever a fruit of the presence of God; if it isn’t from God, then it isn’t love. Joy is a servant to the will of the King. Peace is a person. Patience is rooted in Faith. Kindness doesn’t discriminate. Goodness washes His neighbors’ feet. Gentleness waits to be invited. Faithfulness is close to the brokenhearted. Self Control has a sword, yet keeps it sheathed. Jesus is the answer to every bitter, hopeless, violent, fearful thought or action I’ve ever had.

Lord, keep me humble and gracious. Permit me to lay at your breast and align my breath and heartbeat with your own. Share with me your thoughts, and allow me not to ever assume I know what you are going to say without first asking, and then listening. Everything I have that is of value, I give to you, for it was always yours to begin with. And as to the things I have that have no worth, let it burn.



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