A Simple Yes

I hear people say that showing up is half the battle. However, in regards to my relationship with God, I am beginning to believe that showing up is 100% of the battle. It seems there are only two types of people in the world. There are quitters and then there are those that never give up. I believe God is simply looking for those that will choose to never give up. How can you live a life with Jesus if you quit showing up?

When I look at my life I see the Lord asking me, “Luke, will you show up? Regardless of what happens, will you never quit showing up?” He invites me to walk a simple path of great mystery. In reality, God is making it easy on me. I only have one job. He takes care of the rest.

The biggest area that I am struggling with in my relationship with God is trust. I don’t trust God in many areas of my life. I believe that showing up isn’t enough. I allow my own perspective to get in the way. I allow the situations and circumstances in my life to tell me who I am, how I am doing and what I should be doing. Instead of being satisfied with simple obedience, I let my loss of control cause fear to spill into my life and take over.

After my feeble attempts at showing up before the Lord, fear becomes my measuring stick. “This isn’t working! I must be doing something wrong! Nothing is changing! I’m not feeling God! Maybe I’ll try something different!” I let results and reasoning become my deciding factors on whether or not I am “doing it right.” Where has my trust gone? Trust does not require results. All that trust requires is an act of obedience, a simple yes. That is all the Lord wants from me.

So today, Lord, I decide to give you my simple yes. Yes to showing up before you every day. Yes to never giving up no matter the cost. Yes to trusting you. I no longer will look at what I believe to be the results of my actions as the answer for how I am doing. Your thoughts toward me will become the only thing I allow to determine who I am and how I am doing. I accept your invitation to show up before you every day for the rest of my life. No matter the results, and regardless of what happens, I make my decision to never quit showing up.


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