The Finish Line

Fire and ashes surround us as we watch the earth cry out in pain. Burdened by the weight of anguish I sink deep into my comfortable pleasures attempting to escape for just a moment. Every time I turn a new gaping wound appears and I hear the cries of injustice. There seems to be a burning question that I taste on my lips in conversation. 

What do I do?  

I can feel the eyes of heaven peering through the cracks and taking the beatings with their fellow comrades. To live a life of truth requires pain. The deep incisions against spirit and flesh with the precise movement of a holy blade across the muscles of the heart. This is the cost of the prized gem we call truth. I could add it to my crown as some parade of worthy entitlement but the moment I see His face I throw the crown at His feet in adoration. For as soon as I take the focus off of myself the haze is lifted and I see clearly my purpose. 

He is sweeping across the nations looking with a fervent gaze. Where are the ones with a yes in their heart? Where are the willing ones that will take the fire and come out purified? The ones who are willing to admit their faults, to humbly proclaim they are a work in progress. My love is cheap in comparison to the phenomenon that is His yet I still try to love on my own. I hear all around me that the answer is just to love others but my love is filled with prejudice, hesitance, and self preservation. Like a table cloth set out for guests with sticky residue and stains from past experiences. 

Yet when I hold on tight to His robe like a child grasping onto their father I can feel His warmth. His heartbeat. As He guides my steps I am able to sacrifice my need to know where I am going. In faith filled childlikeness I allow Him to lead me through the maze and teach me how to love. When I look to His face and see the smile He has for the brokenhearted my heart dares to hope. Because in all this chaos and turmoil I realize I, too, am with the brokenhearted and that smile is for me.

I believe the question isn’t what I need to do because in the end it won’t be me that everyone is bowing to. As I tune my heart to listen like a divine telephone wire that connects to the throne room the pressure is relieved. The glory isn’t for me so why would I need to chase it? I believe the real solution is to be in the quiet stillness that leads to a call to action. If we laid down our weapons for just a moment and looked at the faces on the other side we would realize the issues we are fighting are from the one who was thrown from the gates of heaven.

We must not forget that we can run this race because He ran it before us. He waits for us at the finish line in sweet victory.

Much love,


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