His Voice

It is easy to learn how to hear God’s voice. It is a whole other thing to recognize when He is speaking. One of, if not the biggest keys to building your relationship with the Lord is your ability to recognize when He is speaking. God is always speaking to you throughout your day and your role is to position yourself so that you are aware of what He is doing and what He is saying.

The enemy has one weapon he uses to make you believe that you can’t/aren’t hearing from God; distraction. If you feel like you are not able to hear from God, it is not that He has stopped talking to you, you have just become distracted. It is so easy to take your eyes off of Jesus in a world as loud as it is.

Remember that more than anything, Jesus wants a relationship with you! One of the biggest components of a relationship is the time that is spent with each other. Jesus wants to spend time with you. Above all the things Jesus wants to do through you and all the areas that He wants to transform in you, is a wonderful Father who simply wants to spend time with His kid.

You can easily spend all of your efforts trying to “get a word” from God or try to figure out where He’s leading you. I believe that God just wants to spend time with you so that He can share how He thinks about you. God doesn’t just love you, He actually likes you. You will never know how God thinks about you until you decide to throw off every distraction, turn your eyes back on Jesus, and begin to recognize when He is speaking. He has so many wonderful things to tell you. You must repent from everything that has been catching your attention. You must run back to Jesus and hear him forgive you for turning away.

It takes time for His voice to become familiar, and it’s not easy. It is a conscious decision you have to make every day to get out of your comfort zone and spend time with Jesus. You are not following a religion, you are following a person. That person is dying to spend time with you. So the question is, will you give him your completely surrendered and undivided attention?

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