Fight to Worship

I wanted to share something I wrote awhile back with you all. Recently, I have been fighting and scratching to do what I feel is right, and I found relief in worshipping Jesus…

Behold, this system of me, watch it occur,
My life lying here, gnarled at your feet,
Opress me no more, oppressor.
Victory in your frame brings the harshest defeat,
Will I be made to toil here for long?
Bring me release I beg of you, I’ll do anything.
My soul was sold long ago, it, I cannot offer.
Do you want the breath in my lungs?
Take it with haste and make me strain,
I loath every breath the way it brings hope,
But still I give it to you.
Do you crave the work of my hands?
They strive to produce transcendent things,
That you might see and know it’s not for you.
For I am crafty, but you are selfish.
The words of my mouth, are they your prize?
I will not speak your name, my heart would implode,
My lips move to withhold this fire in my bones,
But satiety has never teases your lips. 
You always grow hungry.
Do you wish to consume me in full? 


You shudder when I speak of such things, why?
Is there a wound too fresh in your mind?
Is there one that your power cannot bind?
Oppressor, why have you fallen silent?

I have been fighting constantly lately. Fighting old habits. Fighting temptation. Fighting to stay engaged in the lives of my loved ones. Some days it feels like I am just trying to survive, and it is exhausting. I have been asking the Lord for refreshment and comfort, only to feel the same day-to-day. It dawned on me, I have been fighting a meaningless fight. Too often, we let our struggles and set backs lead us into a place where we are fighting for a victory that has already been won. We are fighting to keep the enemy from winning in our lives. The enemy has been defeated. Jesus sealed his defeat on the cross.

Our response to the enemy’s advances, in whatever form they take, should be to remind him of his defeat in one simple word: Jesus. In the midst of the enemy’s schemes, our only call is to worship, to value Jesus and his place in our life above all else. Acknowledging Jesus as Savior and Supreme Victor frees us from the struggle of self-sufficiency and turns our hearts to Him. With eyes trained on Jesus, the struggles of this life become opportunities to praise Him.

My hope is that this encourages you to see every situation in the light of Jesus and his place at the center. Fight to worship Him. He is always worthy, no matter the circumstance.


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