Meet Your Maker

There was a thunderous applause around me as I stood before a curtain that had been torn in two. I was trembling from head to toe in excitement and awe. The air was electric and thick with a presence that was both comforting and terrifying. I looked around and saw the shimmering of gold crowns reflecting from a light. There seemed to be a never ending crowd of witnesses singing and shouting. The noise was deafening yet I could hear the sounds of the rushing streams nearby. 

Suddenly there was a still voice that said, “Meet your Maker.”

The crowd hushed and time stood still as to welcome the one who pushed back the curtain and stepped through. I looked up and was consumed by a set of eyes that were like pools of compassion and a smile that produced the light surrounding me. The presence was all enveloping and set a fire inside my inner being. 

The wounds of my suffering melt away like hot wax as I stare at the holes in his hands. The tether that has held us together burns bright as He approaches closer and closer. I can no longer stand as the thick presence brings me to my knees. I hear a name that sounds so familiar yet it pierces through any feeling of not being known. He says it again and I feel the touch of His hand underneath my chin as He lifts my eyes to meet His. The reality of this moment shakes me to my core. Eternity hangs in the balance as I fall deep into the study of His face. Every crevice to be known by me. 

He grabs my hands and helps me to my feet as I couldn’t stand on my own. Every moment explicitly needing His direction and assistance. I wonder what we will do together in these first moments as I follow His lead. He holds me close and interlaces our hands together in the stance of a dance. I rest my head on His chest as we slowly sway side to side. My cheek touching the softness of His robe I feel the healing course through my veins. 

I laugh as He twirls me around and I fall back safely in His arms. He takes my hand and we start the journey towards the golden gates. Just to walk with Him hand in hand was holy. He looks over at me with His piercing gaze and tells me what my spirit has desired deeply,

“Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Much love,


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