To Be Entirely in God’s Hands

I feel the cold splash of the saltwater on my cheeks as I peer over the side of the cliff. The wind cuts through my clothing and I begin to shiver. I start to feel lonely as I look around at the vast sea ahead of me. So many unknowns swirling around in the deep blue yet I know what must be done. To find security in the suffering is like bowing before the golden calf. If I let go of the craving for control my stomach will instead feel the butterflies of risk. One step more and my tip toes are on the edge. The waves are eating away at the cliff below in an erosion of stability. 

Suddenly there is a warmth behind me and I smile a toothy grin. He is here. It is as if an egg is cracked above my head and the gooey center starts dripping down as the peace seeps in. I look over my shoulder and am hit with a gaze of strength and courage. With just a slight nod it is confirmed of what I must do. I open my mouth to speak my simple anthem, 

“Be with me.”

I refuse to break eye contact as I open my arms and step off to be met by the cold water of the unknown. However, a transformation occurs and I watch as my arms begin to sprout feathers. Could it be? The feathers begin to weave together to form glorious wings and I take flight. I climb and climb to taste the clouds. I look around at my new view and am filled with a familiar feeling. Awe begins to bubble up inside as fuel for my flight. I feel my body begin to release the tension of the past as I soar through the streams of light. To glide with the wind instead of being driven by it allowed the pressure of control to roll off my back. 

This is the gift of my risk. I look to the cliff for my maker but he isn’t there. Puzzled I begin to circle around to find him when I hear a voice above me, 

“Soar with me.”

We dance through the sky as I feel the freedom to be completely myself in the midst of the one who created me. I could feel the comfort of being enveloped in a presence that simply cares. To be entirely in God’s hands is a beautiful, risky surrender. An invitation to leave the world behind in its calamity and soar with the King. What a gift it is.

Much love,


2 thoughts on “To Be Entirely in God’s Hands

  1. Juanita Rodman Lindgren says:

    That is so beautiful! I love it! In this crazy time, we all need to surrender to our maker! By the way, although I have never met you, I am praying for you. I know your mom and her family as we lived together at Harmony Hill years ago. Keep writing!


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