“Hitting rock-bottom”

This has become a common phrase we often use when talking about our lives falling apart. When we hit rock-bottom, we feel like we are at our worst. We feel like a complete failure. All out of ideas, nowhere left to run, a dead end. We feel hopeless, defeated and devastated. What we find is usually a lot of pain. We are completely broken, ready to give up.

We become face-to-face with the ugliness that is inside us. There is nothing else to hide. We stare into the naked truth of where we are at and how we are doing. Ending up here is never fun, but allowing ourselves to come to that place is one of the most valuable experiences we can have.

Sadly, we do everything we can to avoid that dreadful place. We lie to ourselves, to others, and to God. We will do anything we can, just so we don’t end up at rock-bottom. We deceive ourselves into thinking that it is wrong to be found there. This just isn’t true. We forget our main purpose in life. We are here on earth to be with Jesus. Our job isn’t to be perfect or to feel like we are doing well in life. Our only job is to be with Him.

Jesus loves spending time with us when all is lost and we have given up. There is a sweetness that is found amidst the bitterness. There is a warmth that reveals itself in all of the pain. His comfort and nearness greet us as He pulls us close. He is with us because he cares. He cares about all areas of our lives; the good, the bad and the ugly. He is there with us in each moment, no matter what.

Life isn’t about avoiding what is wrong. It is not about doing all we can to stay on the Lord’s “good side.” Our lives are simply this; an opportunity to spend time with him. We must allow him to lead us to our rock-bottom, holding onto his hand every step of the way. As we allow him to lead us into the depths of who we are, we begin to see a glimpse into the wonderful nature of who He is.

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