My Resolution

This week I have a short post for you as we ring in the New Year. I have never really been one to make a New Year’s resolution. In my mind, it seemed like an arbitrary date to make a decision on. Why not just start doing what you feel called to do today? Then again, I would not say that I am very gifted in the area of discipline or pursuing new goals purely out of the desire for better life, self-actualization, manifestation, higher vibration,(insert new-age term here). I am going to suggest to you a new and simple way to find the life you desire, whether you know it is the life you desire or not. This is going to sound over-simplified, maybe even lacking. There is only one step. There is no secret. There is no pre-requisite. There is also no immediate gratification. You will not be praised by your peers. In fact, this approach will see you humbled and quieted. Your priorities will be re-arranged, and if you’re someone who likes to constantly be busy, you will find yourself slowed and “unproductive” by your standards. I can sum up this wild approach to living a fulfilled life in two words.

Seek. Jesus.

To seek is to resort to : to go to : to go in search of : to look for : to discover : to ask for : to seek advice : to try to acquire.

If you would like to see lasting change in your relationships, in your career, in your finances, in your heart… seek Jesus. There is nothing else. There is no-one else. If you do nothing but seek Jesus and his face this year, you will have gained more than you could ever lose. It is all fine and dandy to repost sermon snippets and wear your Jesus merch, but your heart and those around you are only truly changed when you spend the time that no one else can see with Jesus. In the last year, I made phenomenal new friends, I started working at a sick new coffee shop, and I started down the road of inner healing. I made great strides in a lot of areas and struggled in many others. I spent a lot of time thinking about Jesus, and reading about Jesus, and listening to others talk about Jesus, but I spent very little of my time with Jesus.

My New Year’s resolution is to spend time with Jesus. I won’t be listening to worship music during this time. I won’t be reading the Bible during this time. I won’t be journaling during this time. I am going to sit at the feet of Jesus and learn about Him. I know without a doubt that this is what Jesus wants from me. He wants my time, my focus, my adoration. I want to see the beauty of Jesus, so much so, that it is difficult for me to look away. This year I want to choose to value Jesus for who He is. He deserves all of my attention.

There has never been a time in my life with more distractions; more things happening in the world around me that could take my focus. I have tried to find balance and focus on my own. I have failed. And failed. And failed. This year I am going to seek Jesus. Especially when it feels like I need to choose worry, anxiety, and my own strength. I am going to seek Jesus.

Happy New Year to you all from the Ragged Souls! We love you and we can’t wait to spend another year sharing our lives and hearts with you.


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