An Afternoon Together

I walked between the rows of vines running my fingers along the grapes. Fully aware that they would soon be pressed and squeezed for the contents inside to craft delicate wines. Jesus walked alongside me as we enjoyed the afternoon together. I turned to Him and asked, “What does it mean to be fruitful?” 

He pointed to one of the grapes and asked, “Do you see how this grape is connected to the vine which is then rooted deep in the soil?” 

I nodded.

“When someone is in relationship with me and seeks my wisdom they allow themselves to become rooted in my soil and as a result they become more like me,” He explained. I stared at His face and the lines that had formed around His mouth from smiling. His kind eyes admiring the landscape before us. 

“So from my relationship with you I can bear fruit?” I asked as we continued through the vineyard.

“Your heart is the soil and as we commune together we are able to plant seeds that will in time produce fruit. This is a direct reflection of how relationship was intended in the Garden long ago,” He was walking close by my side and I could feel our arms brush against each other. 

I looked down as I thought about what He was saying, “But what about the fruit that is produced? Won’t it go through a crushing and pressing like these grapes for wine?”

He suddenly stopped and tilted my chin up to look directly into His eyes, “It is through the crushing that we are able to produce the best result. Think of me as the winemaker, carefully monitoring the entire process because I went through it first.” 

I smiled and hugged Him tightly. He leaned down and whispered, “I will never let you go, even in the pressing and the tension.” 

We spent the rest of the day exploring the vineyard and enjoyed the conversation that comes from deep relationship. I felt confident that I would be able to withstand anything with Him by my side but for now I was going to cherish these simple moments together.

Much love,


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