Better is One Day

His courts are a majestic spectacle, almost too wonderful to describe. To spend a day in the presence of the King is to spend a day in heaven! The ceilings are so high and vast it’s impossible to discern when the ceiling ends and the sky begins. Different lights and colors beyond worldly comprehension fill the space and even seem to fill my heart from the inside out. There is music always being sung by such sweet voices, like music I have never heard before, as if the genre of song itself is simply “GLORY”. How can I even describe being so overwhelmed, yet perfectly at peace? Being in the courts of the Lord is like a child in a candy store, only the Lord gives no gifts which would do you harm.

And then there’s the King himself. Sitting upon his throne, wreathed in glory and emanating a potent love almost too poignant to endure, the King rules justly with a glance from his eyes. When in the presence of the Lord, I cannot help but be utterly aware of my unholiness. Though, even then, shame dares not enter into my spirit, for shame is too ashamed to approach the King. I am humbled, yet filled with a strength and courage I’ve never felt. I am brought to my knees by His glory, brought to tears by his mercy, and brought to his embrace by his grace. Just a word from his lips is all I will ever need, to know that he loves me, he has a purpose and a mission for me, and he is proud of me. What more could I ever ask for?

I’ve been busy and distracted by life. I’ve looked left and right and center, but seem to have avoided those piercing eyes of fire. I’ve taken matters into my own hands and expected that to be a wise and mature way of living my life. I’ve been carefully and precisely setting up all of the pins of my life to be in perfect order and unison. Barely balancing them next to each other, but trust me, if I can get them to all to stand up at the same time, then everything will be as it should be. Work, school, hobbies, romance, my future, my family, exercise; all just pins that are waiting to be knocked down. And believe you me, it’s only a matter of time before they will submit to the bowling ball of God’s word. I can almost feel it rolling down the lane of my spirit — just a few more seconds — it gathers speed and momentum — I’m beaming down at the work I have accomplished, ten beautiful pins set up just the way I want them — the crack of contact rips through the air . . . STRIKE.

A man may make his plans, but the Lord will direct his steps. God’s word in my life has been so humbling. He is so faithful to remind me of my purpose, even when I seem to want to do literally anything else. Sometimes, I hear Him so clearly and loudly and I take the time to submit myself and my plans to his direction. Those are such great, intimate seasons to be in. And sometimes it’s just not like that at all. I’m distracted and selfish and submit my plans only to myself, not even thinking to involve God in the process “because he probably doesn’t mind”. But He is so faithful. So true. And no matter how many pins I set up, He bowls a perfect game every time. The end result is the same, either way. My life, my heart, my plans, my spirit, my purpose: they will bow down to His will. Whether by my own submission, or by his humbling word. So I will trust him, and I won’t lean on my own understanding. I know he will straighten my paths as long as I continue to acknowledge him as my sovereign King.

And let me just say one thing: being humbled by the Lord is still better than any kind of life that the world can offer without Him. I’ll take a day with Jesus in his wonderful presence than a thousand days anywhere else.


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