When a broken and hurting heart accepts Jesus as Lord and Savior, the gift of the Cross is received. A decision for Christ on the surface enacts a profound internal transformation, one you may be unaware of. The righteousness of Christ, by the Cross, clothes us, and Jesus assures us that we will be received by the Father as ones without blemish or fault. Life begins anew when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, but the costly life of Christ’s disciples does not come naturally. While we are made new spiritually, there are ways of thinking to be challenged and new paradigms to discover as we learn how to live under the Lordship of Christ. Thank Christ, we are not left to feel our way through the unknown alone. No, there is help and there is MORE.

Accepting Jesus as Savior is not removed from accepting Him as Lord of your life. I will say it again, accepting Jesus as Savior is not removed from accepting Him as Lord of your life. Discovering what it looks like to live in relationship with Lord Jesus is the daily grind of a believer. This Lordship is an unfamiliar one to most, there is no abuse of power or crooked politics under Lord Jesus. Look around, we live In an age of self-serving corrupt politicians where there is a premium on living according to your own whims and desires. We see all around us that it is in our best interest to do what we want. We see all around us that to be the lord of your own life is the “dream”. More than ever before, we are encouraged to break the mold, find new ways to express ourselves, and discover our “truth”. In the midst of this movement, the call of the Christian life remains unchanged — submit yourself fully to Jesus and deny yourself.

The idea of being Lorded over by some invisible God-man isn’t particularly attractive at first glance, especially not in 2021. Come on now, we live in America! Where we are particularly fond of leaders who don’t put any restrictions on our daily life. Yet, we are more restless and unsatisfied than ever. The invitation of Jesus to come under his Lordship is an invitation into intimacy and communion with your creator. His rule is not characterized by restrictions and mandates, but merciful corrections and intentional guidance. Our mistake is in assuming that Jesus will lead us in the same ways we’ve been led before (by parents, teachers, friends, etc.) Jesus is not really known for doing things by the book, just the opposite really.

Jesus asks us “Will you follow me and trust that I know what you need? Will you follow me and trust that I know who you are? Will you let me show you who I am and who I made you to be? Will you let me walk beside you and teach you for the rest of your life?”

Jesus does not crave power over you (although he is Lord over all creation), he craves relationship with you.

This next week my prayer will be “Jesus, teach me what it looks like to live under your Lordship. Help me to understand what it means to call you Lord.” I urge you, no matter where you are in your walk with Jesus, no matter what it looks like for you, explore what it means for Jesus to be the Lord of your life.


Romans 10:5-11

Moses wrote long ago about the need to obey every part of the law in order to be declared right with God: “The one who obeys these things must always live by them.” But we receive the faith-righteousness that speaks an entirely different message: “Don’t for a moment think you need to climb into the heavens to find the Messiah and bring him down, or to descend into the underworld to bring him up from the dead.” But the faith-righteousness we receive speaks to us in these words of Moses “God’s living message is very close to you, as close as your own heart beating in your chest and as near as the tongue in your mouth.” And what is God’s “living message”? It is the revelation of faith for salvation, which is the message that we preach. For if you publicly declare with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will experience salvation. 10 The heart that believes in him receives the gift of the righteousness of God—and then the mouth confesses, resulting in salvation. 11 For the Scriptures encourage us with these words: “Everyone who believes in him will never be disappointed.”

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