Coffee with Jesus

We are called to live our lives as Jesus did. It is such a beautiful invitation because He is our teacher, mentor, and guide for these days. So when you see someone clutching Jesus so close during trials do you ever ask the Lord why they go through these things?

As you look at Jesus’ life you see a life of sacrifice and a continual pouring out to the people around Him. He would step aside to be alone with the Father and then live the rest of His time for others.

We then witnessed how He responded and reacted to the greatest suffering. He spent time in anguish, in prayer, and in surrender. So as we live our days today and are met with trials our sacrifice for others is how we respond. Do we follow in the steps of our Jesus? To feel the anguish, press into prayer, and leave the moment in surrender.

Jesus modeled a life in response to suffering around Him and through Him. He locked eyes with the adulterous woman, admired the friends with great faith, and spoke identity into the ones who felt abandoned.

So as we meet our trials will our response reflect our relationship with Jesus? Will we be able to live the sacrifice of communion with the One who not only took the lashes but accepted them knowing what it meant for us? The answer is not without the One who did it first. This isn’t a battle cry to bear your own burdens.

The beauty in living a life of sacrifice is that we don’t do it alone. He is closer than our breath. He is patiently waiting to be invited in. When the invitation finally comes He gladly takes His place in a big leather chair and invites you to sit down and have a cup of coffee together. Just as He calmed the storm on the boat suddenly the chaos you find your life in settles as you sip the best cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted and stare into the eyes of the Father.

Much love,


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