A mirror stands between myself and my enemy

Grotesque, disheveled, riddled with sin and disease

His eyes are red, dripping with malice

The lips are cracked and broken

Forgotten is the taste of living water

The flesh: rotten, sunken, devoid of life and color

I cannot stand to look any longer

“Get out! You’re dead!”

A dangerously evil grin appears

Teeth are few and far in between

My enemy advances; I scramble for a weapon

I grip something . . . strong and fierce and full of life


A violent yell

The weapon hits its mark

My enemy, all too familiar

Stumbles. Crumbles. Comes crashing down.

Too terrible to watch

Sneak a peek

I open my eyes

A mirror stands between myself and my friend

Eyes like fire; hair like wool; feet of bronze

From His mouth comes the sound of rushing, living water

I’m so glad I died

Because now I get to truly live


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