Have Your Way

Lord you are the only thing that satisfies the longing within me. Everywhere I go, no matter what I experience, you remain the only thing in my life that holds significance.

I have achieved many things in life and have experienced incredible moments, yet none of them fulfill me. The only times in my life where I have felt worthwhile have been with you. You are the one that brings me life.

When I encounter your presence, I am filled with peace that warms my heart. Absolutely nothing compares to your presence. When I take my eyes off you and become unaware of where you are and what you are doing, I find myself lost and empty.

You are the source of every good thing that I have experienced in my life. Without you at the center, what’s the point. If you are not involved, it is meaningless. I want to invite you into every area of my life. I want all my attention to be fixed on you.

Lord would you burn it all away until the only thing standing is what you have for me. Today I choose to bring everything to the altar. Lord you can have it all. Take anything you want.

Help me to let go. Help me to trust you regardless of what is happening around me. Burn away all the distractions. Help me Lord! Fill me with peace and hope. I ask for a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Have your way in my life! I lay down my plans and expectations and yield to you. Let your will be done in me. Wherever you lead, I will follow. Whatever you ask of me my answer is YES! I am yours. Today I choose you.

I love you and long for more of you. I love how kind and comforting you are to me. I love when you come close. I love when you heal the areas in my life that are hurt and broken. Thank you for taking care of me.

God, without you my life is meaningless. Would you be the only thing I desire. Here I am Lord, have your way.

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