Four Jesus loving creatives that feel the need to share the divine revelations given to us by the One who designed us to receive His heart.


Jonah Staires

I am a beloved son of the Father and a man of faith. As a scribe of the Kingdom of God, it is my hope and my dream to see my written and spoken words shift atmospheres to reflect that of heaven. I believe I am a gifted communicator, and as a result of that gift I cannot help but feel a responsibility in my life to make the Lord’s will known. I hunger for revelations from my Lord, and I take great delight in sharing such revelations. However, all of that being said, my greatest priority and desire in life is simply to be intimate with Jesus at all times. May you benefit from that intimacy as you continue your own search for the refreshing waters of the Eternal Well which is found within the very eyes of Jesus Christ.



Elisabeth Freeland (Lis)

I’ve got this thing for souls where I love to meet them and learn the journey they have been taken on. It usually happens through the ministry of the dinner table where people meet face to face as equals and share their passions and their heart’s desires. The Lord has given me this ability to communicate His thoughts for His children through words that flow like honey and I am forever thankful for it. I invite you on this journey of discovering His character and goodness through revelation only brought through His grace and new mercies. Let’s not rely on yesterday’s bread for today. Let’s seek Him together.


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Matthew Otten 

“There is no satisfaction in this life like that which comes when your soul is truly found and deeply known”

I am a prodigal son whose Father has welcomed him home. I have watched my King fight for me and breathe His last, all that I might take my first real breath. My life has seen such highs and such lows, but the goodness of my Father has always shone through. That goodness has manifested itself in my life in the form of words. Just as my God spoke eternity into existence, he has allowed me to speak eternity into the hearts and lives of His children. What a blessing. What an honor. I would be supremely stoked if you would partner with me and my friends in unveiling the heart of our Father.



Luke Kennedy 

I am a confident Son who has a Good and Kind Father. I am fully surrendered and sold out for Jesus. I am passionate about seeing the lost and broken find healing and restoration in their lives. I will help bring hope to hopeless generations. I will enjoy living a life where I see the enemy fall to pieces as Heaven comes to earth. I am fun and enjoyable to be around and I feel comfortable to be who I am knowing that God supports and believes in me. I am an encourager, full of love and compassion, and I will help those around me by teaching and developing them to step into the fullness of who they were created to be. I truly live the best life.